How to solve [Xcodeproj] Unknown object version

Today I ran into this issue while installing React native 0.64.1. The pod install always threw error: [Xcodeproj] Unknown object version. Even with a basic command react-native init. Let’s see how to solve it.

1. Solution 1

The problem is the xcode version is not matching up with your cocoapods version, you have to gem update xcodeproj, if the update still not fix, you have to gem uninstall xcodeproj and gem install xcodeproj.

2. Solution 2

Or, you can open .xcodeproj, in the project navigator, click the root project, check the right hand panel, Identity and type, change the Project Format to a version is below the latest version.

3. Solution 3

In my case, none of these two above solution works. Maybe you have the same experience too, if you have rbenv installed, and think that you are using that version, then this might be the problem. React native will use the system version instead of the rbenv version, so you have to switch to the system version using rbenv global system, and sudo gem uninstall cocoapods, then sudo gem install cocoapods.

4. Hope it helps!